As experts on the subject of selecting, pricing and using the most appropriate type of flooring, we at Smarter Flooring advise you as our customer to plan your shopping, according to the following 6 steps:

1. Contact

Always feel free to arrange a free, onsite quotation to discuss your personal flooring needs. You can even call  email before venturing out and submit an ONLINE ENQUIRY NOW Just to be on the safe side.

2. On-Site Quotation

At whatever time that suits you, one of our professional staff members will visit your home to:

  • Assist you in choosing just the right type of flooring that will suit your needs
  • Provide you with totally professional advice on the best flooring type that will blend in with your interior surrounds.
  • Measure out the exact dimensions of your home and calculate the correct floor area where the flooring will be installed.
  • Quickly assess and quickly submit a correct quote for you to see and discuss.

3. Approval Before work actually begins Smarter Flooring will need your approval and payment of a small deposit so everything can go into motion!  You don’t need to worry about strata schemes or any other installation requirements. Together, we will organize and set a timeframe for the project designed to have a minimum impact on your own lifestyle.

4.  Creation of your new Dream Floor
After complete agreement has been reached on all the above prerequisites, the installation of your dream floor by our expert installation team will start.

5.  After-Service Programs

To ensure your new floor has been built to your specifications and our standards, the following tasks will be done:

  • A free on-site inspection of the whole works after completion.
  • Proper attention is given to your comments and additional wishes.
  • Warranties will be submitted upon completion of the installation work.

6.  Enjoy 

Smarter Flooring has completed your dream floor that will last a lifetime and with our warranties, you can now enjoy your new floor for a very long time.