woman-pointingOur relentless pursuit of excellence sets us apart.

From humble beginnings, Smarter Flooring has grown and evolved into a prominent flooring company at the forefront of technology and industry standards. We specialise in epoxy flooring, polished concrete, acid stained flooring and grinding / buffing services related to flooring.

We believe a truly successful project is determined by the quality of the people and strength of relationships forged in the process of construction.

Our commitment to excellence delivers:

  • Honesty, integrity and accountability above all else;
  • A dedicated, professional, passionate and highly mobile team driven by industry best practice;
  • Strong, lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and consultants;
  • A healthy, safe work environment for employees and communities;
  • A high level of career training and development;
  • Innovation through experience and technology; and
  • A “can do attitude” providing flexibility, value, quality and collaboration.

About Us

Smarter Flooring has merged with Master Concrete Resurfacing as of early 2015. Master Concrete Resurfacing is a Sydney based Concrete Floor Polishing, epoxy laying business whose team has had years of experience with epoxy, grinding and polishing concrete. We offer our services to Residential, Commercial and Industrial clients on existing or new floors throughout all of NSW.

Some of the brands we’ve worked with

Smarter Flooring covers a broad range of indoor and outdoor projects. Some of which include:

> Restaurant, Cafes and Shops

> Shopping Centres, Clubs and Pubs

> Residential, Commercial and Industrial

We possess the skills

We have been involved in the serious and highly articulate business of grinding and polishing concrete floors for years. Our team of highly skilled staff we employ are totally conversant in the skills needed for concrete resurfacing and polishing. They are not only very proficient at working with concrete but are also masters at mixing flooring materials in just the right quantities to produce desired results. The excellent outcome of strong and immaculately shiny floors, whether they are for industry premises or for homes bears our distinctive mark of workmanship.

Our unique materials and finished products

Uniqueness is the product of versatility and high level technique. Our professionals are so bent on top quality that they have to be versatile. They must possess the unique skills that are required to produce a constant flow of amazing results without compromising on quality. These skills involve a detailed knowledge of the materials used in the construction of concrete floors. Why? The materials are the primary components for producing the desired quality. Because of this, all our materials at Smarter Flooring are produced to the highest quality.

Top quality workmanship

The uniqueness of workmanship also depends on the level of skills that our professionals possess. While the quality and consistency of our materials is very important, they are hardly worth a dime if our experts do not have the required techniques to put the materials into the right mix, texture and consistency to construct the concrete floor. The concrete floor they put in place must be strong enough to withstand desired usage. They must know how to handle flooring components such as epoxy resin to add the finishing touch. Our experts are skilled in carrying out all these skilled tasks.

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