Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Choosing a company that has a proven track record and impeccable reputation as a concrete finishing company is a safe choice. At Smarter Flooring, we are undisputed in our workmanship and superb finish that we create to each and every one of our jobs. Selecting us will result in less stress for you over time as we are totally dependable and we have an unmatched reputation of being able to satisfy our customers in their flooring needs and preferences. We have, over the past 7 years satisfied many customers in their flooring needs and choices.

We provide top notch quality

The finest quality of workmanship is what customers demand and we always provide the very best that they want. Our materials are the best on the market and we provide them at very reasonable prices so you can afford having your concrete surface resurfaced. Second class materials just won’t do and we make sure that the materials we procure are manufacture tested so that their quality goes undisputed. To make sure that we do provide the best quality customers prefer, we adhere strictly to flooring specifications which in the end means peace of mind to our customers.

Our customer assistance is without equal

The most important service quality customers look for and appreciate when given is customer assistance. Customers who front up to our main doors are greeted and professionally looked after by our office staff. Each of our staff members are fully trained and qualified to assist customers with courtesy, proper demeanour and professional informative assistance to all our customers. It is so inconvenient when customers find they can talk face to face with our staff instead of leaving messages on voice mail or answering gadgets. An accurate assessment of your concrete needs will be your reward.

A reputable and genuine warranty

A warranty is not something that is given without it being a guarantee of the finest workmanship expected by customers. When we give a warranty, it means just that – excellent workmanship – and all our customers have enjoyed the gratifying feeling of being the owner of a truly magnificent epoxy floor finish. We do not do things in half measures but make sure that the work we do will full satisfy our customers and enjoy the guaranteed quality of our work that will last for at least 5 years before additional layers are added to keep the floor in perfect condition.

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We can install the best epoxy floor anywhere in and around Sydney. Ring us on email for our free quote and allow us to perform the art of installing a perfect epoxy floor anywhere you want on your premises.