Smarter Flooring is a versatile veteran of the concrete flooring trade, with a proven track performance of unwavering commitment, trusted dependability and unequalled excellence in producing desired results. The company is expertly skilled in taking care of your needs, whether they are the renovation of your patio, driveway, swimming surrounds, walkways, retail store; the interior of your house or office and selected sections of your industrial or commercial complex buildings. There is no task too great for the company to expedite.

Stained concrete                                

One of the company’s specialty areas is stained concrete or more precisely, the art of acid-etch staining; an exquisite art of reforming, recreating and renovating dull, plain concrete floors into new, rich and dazzling surfaces. A floor treated with this technique reflects everything inside a room and given the right colour it can act as a catalyst that brings out the tone of every other colour in a room. It can also be tailored to blend in with the existing colours of a room’s interior so that the whole room offers a synchronically uniform whole.


In addition to the company’s versatility is its readiness in making a range of enticing colours available to its clients. You at liberty to choose the colours yourself, but if you feel unsure of your pick, let the company pick the best of the best for you. You can choose from 7 colours now available in the company’s stocks. Would you fancy Steadman Buff for your kitchen or Black Stain for your living room or Green Lawn for you patio? You can opt for Cola Stain perhaps for your private bar or Aqua Blue for your basement. The company also offers Golden Wheat which may be just right for your bathroom or Vintage Umber for your dining room. Whichever you pick, will be just right for your purposes.



Do you fancy doing a ‘do it yourself’ dare? That, of course, is entirely up to you.  But why burden yourself further when you already have tons of other things to do? Work at the office for example; house chores, and laundry; taking the kids to school; the daily shopping and a myriad other tasks and errands. Let the experts do it for you while you go about your normal duties and take a peek now and then at the progress. You’d be amazed at the transformation that takes shape right before your eyes!


Act now!

So why wait and linger on your long delayed wish to have your floors renovated from their mundane look to a brighter, more glimmering future? Don’t be too hard on your floors; give them a face-lift and your spirit will soar at the sight of what is laid before your eyes!


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