The art of acid staining concrete is a newly found flooring technique that we, at Smarter Flooring, are experts at performing. It is certainly a technique that can render a dilapidated concrete surface into a magnificent piece of workmanship. While the task of performing acid staining is fairly easy to do, it is crucial for the installer to know the many variances that exists in the different types of cement and their conditions. The application of acid staining on old concrete must be done correctly otherwise it will not produce the delicate and exquisite look it is supposed to display.

But how is acid staining applied?

As experts and diligent appliers of acid staining, we are intimately familiar with the steps needed for producing the best acid staining results on any concrete floor surface. We offer them so you can understand how we go about applying the skill to the many surfaces we’ve completed but you must not view it as an invitation for you to perform a DIY spree as it may cost you in the end. Many home owners have tried to perform their own acid staining jobs with some very poor and sometimes very costly results. You should enlist the services of a qualified provider for achieving the vest results.

The Correct steps

  • Cleaning the surface – the procedure is found for almost any other surface where something needs to be applied such as painting. The surface is thoroughly cleansed to make it ready for applying the acid staining.
  • Testing an isolated spot – this is done prior to the application of the acid staining process to the whole area because acid staining reacts differently to different types of surfaces.
  • The need to be creative – acid staining is both a function and an art. It must be precisely performed to produce the best outcome. An insufficient amount of applied epoxy will neither etch nor colour the surface properly. Too much will result in undesirable pooling.
  • Cleaning up afterwards – any acid remains must be removed and the surface neutralized to

make sure the sealant properly adheres to the concrete surface.

  • Drying the surface – time must be given for the surface to suitably dry out before a sealant coating is applied as the last stage of the work. The sealant must be applied correctly for producing a smooth surface.
  • Be practical and realistic – to save your from unnecessary stress and bother, we recommend you hire a qualified provider to install acid staining to your concrete surface. Being realistic will result in the proper application of acid staining and the best results you can achieve from it.

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