The Qualities of Acid Stained Concrete

Have you ever seen marble decking a floor of some building? It looks absolutely fabulous with that shine and look of solidity and strength. Most of us cannot afford to pay for this expensive stone but there is some consolation. A process called acid staining is available to even the lightly budgeted and Smarter Flooring are top professionals in applying it to any concrete surface in your home. Acid staining is a process that can be applied quickly. It penetrates deep into concrete and produces a layered and translucent looking appeal.

For exterior or interior application

The versatility of any product or process is vital when it comes to applying them to satisfy customer requirements. Customers these days are very discerning and are highly conscious of the level of quality they must get for their dollar. Acid staining has both the quality and versatility to justify its worth. The process can be used for exterior hard concrete surfaces as well as interior floors and can also be applied to artificial rock and water combinations. When completed, acid staining It leaves in its wake, a very special and permanent concrete floor and surface.

A rich Luxurious finish to concrete surfaces

Acid staining has the ability of imbuing a luxurious finish to a concrete surface that no coloring and painting technique can achieve and at Smarter Flooring we are experts at this trade. The acid staining technique doesn’t produce a solid, opaque paint effect but actually penetrates the concrete and infuses a luminous and translucent tone that varies depending the type of surface it is applied to and the techniques used for the application. The outcomes following acid staining have been know to resemble polished marble and tanned leather or even the tone of stone or stained wood.

Enhancing the concrete surface

Acid staining used on concrete surfaces produce the same finished surface as that of wood stains that enhances the surface features rather than obscuring them. For this reason, acid staining will not hide the cracks or blemishes that exist on an old concrete surface or any other flaws for that matter. Concrete stains will likewise fail to obliterate or hide any colours or eliminate the existing surface. Hence, concrete blocks with major cracks or chipping are definitely not suitable candidates for acid staining. Acid staining must penetrate deep into the concrete for achieving any measure of success.

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