The Two Unmatched Components

The main use of epoxy flooring can be found in most industrial and commercial buildings in and around Sydney. Many speculators believe that the epoxy resin is a bonding agent that bonds the resin to a flat surface. In actual fact, a bonding activity occurs when the epoxy resin and hardening component are mixed. From the mixture comes the extremely hard and sturdy resin that coats the floor surface. It must not be less than 2 millimetres thick otherwise it will only be an epoxy floor coating instead of a fully-fledged epoxy floor.

The benefits of epoxy flooring

Many advantages are attached to the application of epoxy resin on the surface of floors whether they are found in commercial buildings, hospitality premises or homes. The major ones include:

  • Durability – when mixed with hardeners, epoxy resin can introduce an extremely firm and rigid surface to any old or new floor. The two components bong together to produce a surface that can withstand heavy usage while it shines with lustre for a long time.
  • Cleaning – due to the smoothness of the surface and the ability of the epoxy floor not to allow the collection of dust and allergies, it is a welcomed addition to the house’s elegance and décor. It totally water resists dust, the two main causes of unhygienic living when left unchecked.
  • Appearance – an epoxy floor simply exudes an incomparable shine that can make the floor’s appearance bright and attractive to behold. Its immaculate look perfectly suits places like your own house, retail store and even a hospital where cleanliness is paramount.
  • Toughness – the properties of an epoxy floor defies the imagination especially in its ability to withstand even the most corrosive chemicals. It will not succumb to the effects of scraping and scratches that are bound to happen to any floor. Even very high fluctuations in temperatures will have minimal effect on it.
  • Price and maintenance – covering the floors of a very large public building of the likes of airport terminals and rather large industrial complexes is perfect for our epoxy flooring techniques. Their life span set against the price paid for it is so great it’s worth every cent in value. Because epoxy floors are hardly affected by the effects of water and other chemicals, their maintenance is comparatively easier than say an ordinary tiled cement floor which is seamed.
  • Budget sensitive – in view of the long life of an epoxy floor, many customers feel that the price offered for a product also imbued with other exceptional qualities is worthwhile. We tend to agree but even so, we can tailor our product to suit all budget levels.

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