It is critical for us at Smarter Flooring to be intimately familiar with the processes involved in the art of concrete grinding. The proper machinery, skills required in operation them and expertise in knowing exactly what to do with a concrete surface are the right ingredients for ensuring that the outcome is exactly what the customer ordered. Basically, 3 processes are involved in the art of concrete grinding, for it is in fact an art of a different category that applying epoxy resins and hardeners onto the floor surface. They precede it.

The preparatory stage comes first

The most appropriate and efficient machines are needed to carry out the preparatory stage of giving a concrete floor a facelift. Machinery such as the HTC’s and other equipment used for preparing the floor have all been tested and are available on our premises for immediate deployment whenever needed for undertaking jobs for clients. The machines and related equipment are used to grind and flatten the floor before treatment, restoration or repair work. It is an essential step and must be done with utmost care so that the next stage can successfully follow.

Restoration comes next

For the floor to become usable again, restoration must take place after the floor has been grinded to a very smooth and flat surface.  The process is brought to bear on any damaged or dilapidated concrete floor surface that needs to be restored  and in most cases it succeeds in bringing an aged concrete surface back to a rejuvenated life after the grinding is complete. The HTC machinery used in restoring damaged concrete floors have the capability of grinding the surface to a very flat surface that enables polishing to continue for achieving the required sheen on the floor surface.

Floor repair work

Sometimes, even you epoxy floor, vinyl floor or concrete floor may sustain damages. It is very unusual for epoxy floor to become damaged but sometimes unforeseen natural calamities from earthquakes and the like happen and they can exceed the strength of the epoxy resins and hardeners applied to the surface of the floors. The grinder can be used to repair any misapplied coating but can also grind away old coating and prepare the floor surface for a new coating. More often than not, floor repair will entail a complete change of flooring.

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