The Excellence of Grinded Cement

At Smarter Flooring, we are experts who intimately know about the properties of cement and the duration of its use in the construction industry. We are aware for example that over time, even this very solid material can succumb to the elements and develop cracks and other damages. As construction experts, we know how to rectify this situation by using our latest renovating technique – concrete grinding. It is the fastest and most effective method of restoring the surface of deteriorating concrete.

Surface damages

As experts we know that there are several types of damages that may have overtaken your cement surface. Its compact composition may have withered over the years and may have started to crumble. Its cohesive texture may have weakened thus failing to maintain its former strength. It may have suffered from peeling because there were flaws in the construction method used by previous contractors. It may have reached the end of its durability and needs a face-lift.

Incorrect solution

Simply adding another layer of cement over the deteriorating surface is not the most effective and modern way of improving your cement surface. It is also unnecessary because there is a more effective method of renewing your cement surface. We know the method and we are experts at using it. Yes, and we will say it again. The technique is called concrete grinding.

Construction process

The process involves the use of a high speed rotating disc which removes all undesirable material from the face of the concrete surface. Concrete grinding can perform a plethora of tasks. In particular, concrete grinding can:

  • Straighten out curls and/or faults that have developed on the concrete surface
  • Remove all undesirable materials covering the old surface or have been deposited in it
  • Produce a non-slippery surface to replace the previous slippery one
  • Renew and smoothen the rough and uneven sections of the concrete surface
  • Smoothen driveway surfaces from their previous condition
  • Obliterate pronounced lumps, pot holes, rain dents and faulty finishes
  • Erase and smoothen irregular joints and faulty bridge decks
  • Grind and repair driveways, pavements and bridges

During the time it is expediting these tasks, the full force of the rotating disc is focused on the surface earmarked for treatment. Constant pressure is applied when the machine moves along the concrete surface with the guiding assistance of an operator and as it moves in a circular overlying path, it creates a fantastic finish to the concrete surface. No marks or stains are left from the grinding motion of the rotating discs but only a excellent and transparent finish to the old concrete surface.

Contact us, can confidently guarantee that their concrete grinding service can and will perform these very same tasks for you. It can also produce exactly the same finish that has been promised here. Want to know more? Just ring us on 02 8006 9883 and find out!