Concrete floor is always popular when it comes to architectural or home design because first of all, they are suitable for all kinds of overlay, on the other hand, concrete is also outstanding even if they stand alone.


As a result, nowadays owners are more willing to get their existing concrete polished or to keep the concrete foundation slab as part of their modern home design. Be it new or old, there are subtle differences to how concrete polishing is being done and also effects of the outcome. Generally, the cost of polishing new floor is relatively lower as compared to old floor because of the reduced number of imperfections.


It is understandable to have the concrete floor polished right from the start when the building is ready to be moved in or when the new extension of a structure is completed. This is to minimise the misalignment created after the installation of doors or wiring. This in turn, lower the cost of concrete polishing.


During polishing, owners of these new floors are also welcome to add ornaments to the existing slab as furnish purpose. The three most commonly employed furnish include granite, stone, and basalt. However, since the floor is at its infant state, more daring options such as wires, glitters, or glass are also on the plate for one to choose. Because the end of the day, the chemical and polishing grit are able to level and uniform the surface. This is also to why it is common to spot coloured concrete floors in some factories.


Old floor may not enjoy the luxury of such fanciness but new topping slab can always be added onto the existing ones to make things up. This is especially true for incidences whereby the existing concrete floor is highly damaged with cracks or are succumb to humidity. The new slab to be added will need to be of at least 5-centimeter-thick, in order to see the effects.


Another option is to cut out or sand the existing floor so that the next layer is exposed and irregularities are mended during the process. Polishing old concrete may also face the challenge of unevenness as there are threshold to the amount of surface area to be polished in view of the partition walls, kitchen units, doors, or related installations. All these will actually expose the polished concrete floor to damages, affecting its long-lastingness. However, if hinders are avoidable, polishing old concrete is always a good option to instill the floor with new life.


Be it new or old, remember to consult a flooring expert before considering serious revamp to the floor. Since floor is the first thing a person will step on when they enter the premise, hence getting it damage is definitely the last thing you wish to happen.