Floor polishing has been used by many domestic and commercial premise owners and the task is arduous to say the least. At Smarter Roofing we know better and would recommend that you make a change for the better by applying the technique of having your concrete floors polished so as to eliminate the need for continuous waxing your tiles or whatever you have covering  the surface of your concrete. We possess the expertise, the polishing equipment and techniques to give your floor the finishing touches that will set you free from all those waxing chores and aching back.

Grinding down of concrete floors

The process of polishing concrete floors whether new or old involves the polishing of concrete to a level that will turn transform it from a rough, drab and mundane looking surface to a high gloss finish that will never need waxing again allowing you to throw away the cumbersome waxing equipment and the backaches. When you factor in other very enticing qualities such as durability, shine and the sturdy and dependable performance of polished concrete that can take the place of marble, granite, tile, linoleum and coated concrete, it stands out as a very attractive option.

Versatility engenders popularity

The introduction of polished concrete flooring has attracted interest from quarters of society and many are finding the art a pleasing and satisfying change from the hard chore of periodic waxing of large floors areas. At Smarter Flooring we are aware of this changing trend and are at the forefront of efforts for providing unrivalled polished concrete floors. There has been a colossal escalation of demand from retail owners, warehouse operators, office managers that are clamouring for polished concrete flooring. The trend is not surprising considering the many benefits of the polishing process.

You can choose your own sheen

While it requires expert skills in applying, concrete polishing is also suitably adaptable to the different preferences of clients. Different sheens are produced according to the degree of polishing performed on the concrete surface. The more time devoted to polishing the higher the sheen and you are able to choose between a standard satin sheen to a deluxe high gloss surface sheen for your floor. Sheen for a domestic setting may be different from that required in a commercial premise such as an airport or an hospital but the beauty of concrete polishing is it can produce all types of sheen.

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