The Ideal Technique for your Garage

Many garages in the past were built mainly from concrete slabs and it’s about now that they will start showing fair wear and tear from constant use. The cement slab in your present garage may be in the same category which is why you need to think seriously about giving it a supreme facelift. The polished concrete floor of your garage will offer you an excellent display of colours, durability and longevity of use. Any of our clients will tell you Smarter Flooring is way up in front in producing the best polished concrete floor in town.

Perfect security and strength to your garage

Having a polished concrete floor is similar to having a brand new car. It will look exceedingly beautiful with smooth surface connected to a sloping stairway. It will display the chosen colour or colours, and it will shine with the first act of opening the door after the job is completed. Your concrete floor will become an icon of attraction to your friends, colleagues and neighbours. It will provide security with its slide-resistant surfaced tailor made for that purpose allowing you and anyone else to mover about in safety and absolute freedom.

The time, expertise and equipment

We have the time, the professional experts and the sophisticated equipment needed to successfully complete your project and have your garage looking pristine for the very first time ever. We leave nothing untouched that needs retouching and leave the leave the whole floor in an ideal finish. Our clients say we are outstanding and we believe it.

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