A Beautiful Relaxing Part of your Home

Applying polished concrete to your patio is a very special treat to a very unique and very important part of your house. It is a place where you or the elderly members of your house can hang out and enjoy a time of privacy for reading, talking or snoozing. It would be to have its floor polished so that it shines and becomes a very special place in your house for a quiet time for relaxation. The outcome of the polishing is a very shiny concrete surface far different from the original. It is colourful, strong and long lasting and is perfect for a private patio. Note – we can add elements to the concrete if you’re worried you’ll slip on it.

At Smarter Flooring, our goal is always to leave the customer completely satisfied with what we do. We realize that a patio is used by mainly the grown-ups in the family, the elders in particular, who are not strong of limb and a slip-resistant surface is a priority. The colours must also be tuned in to user friendly qualities so that occupants and visitors alike are not overwhelmed by outlandish colouring. The use of saw cuts and embedded aggregate can produce exceedingly attractive finishes and so does stained concrete which we also create.

The best candidate for the job

We have the best qualified experts whose skills have been thoroughly tested over many years and have been found strong and dependable. We have the sophisticated heavy equipment needed for carrying out the job and the materials we use to produce the excellent finish we produce are already there to make our job a success every time, all the time.

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A shiny patio is the perfect hideaway for you and your elderly house members. Ring us now on email for our free quote and we’ll have your patio floor reflect your image like a mirror.