Polished Concrete for Your Retail Store

Sometimes, competition can be very challenging especially with competitors who are selling the same type of commodities as you do. But there is one way that your competitor may not be ready to take on just yet and you can capitalize on it. Do a dare and apply concrete polishing to your existing concrete floor. It may cost you, but you know it has been there for years and some parts are starting to crumble up into dust. A complete facelift to your floor will definitely attract more customers. After all you and your competitor are on equal par.

How it all begins

Our experts begin the process of concrete polishing with very rough diamond sections tightly held by a metallic object. These rough parts remove holes, marks, smudges from the floor surface before the final phase of smoothing begins. After this, the polishing crew apply polishing discs with diamond cutters to produce the sheen. If you want a very high-gloss finish, a suitable grit is used to produce this desired top class surface sheen. The polishing crew must have the skills to move from a surface sheen to the next during the job.

Our people are skilled professionals

At Smarter Flooring our professional experts are fully qualified to handle any size project with their expertise fully tested and proven over years of constant work and practice. The polishing equipment we use are superb and of international standards capable of producing desired results. While we do use abrasive materials, the main material is your old concrete slab.

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A polished concrete floor is the ideal way to defeat the competition. Don’t delay but ring us now on email and win.