The Perfect Flooring Technique

The finish that appears after the job of polishing concrete is exactly that – polished concrete. This is a finish produced by the intensive and repeated polishing of concrete that can have many different types of surfaces. At Smarter Flooring, we are experts at polishing concrete. We can produce colourful yet subdued finishes or give a single colour with a mirror like finish. We use saw cuts or embedded aggregates to achieve enhanced surface finishes that require only token maintenance of only mopping and cleaning the surface.

The same as sanding wood

While concrete polishing and epoxy flooring have that same sheen, the two techniques are miles apart in construction method and we can do both. While epoxy flooring is the adding of a coating, concrete polishing is the grinding away of old surface and replacement by a shiny new surface. Concrete polishing can be likened to the sanding of wood to arrive at an extremely flat surface that can be painted over with a shiny coating of varnish. With concrete polishing no varnish is used as the shine is produced by the continued polishing.

We have the resources and know how

Our professional experts are fully qualified at the task of polishing concrete and creating the most perfect finish from very sophisticated machinery and equipment. We are unmatched in our skills of producing high quality polished concrete and we can use different methods to arrive at an array of different finishes.

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Polishing your concrete floor will make your current floor last much longer and give it a new surface shine. Ring us now on email for our free quote and see a miracle unravel before your eyes