Of all parts of a home, the most frequented is the living room where formal or informal discussions are held. All the more reason why house owners like you should pay attention on the way your living room appears to others. One way of giving it a facelift is by polishing the concrete floor so as to achieve a shiny surface at the end of the process. At Smarter Flooring, this is our specialty having applied a myriad of polished floors to very satisfied clients all over the Sydney area. We can polish your floor until the desired sheen is achieved.

But why choose us for the job?

The task of polishing a floor is not a simple process. It needs years of experience which we happen to have. It also needs a lot of expertise that is very much part of our team’s qualities in doing a job. We are committed and dedicated to any concrete polishing project and we stay with it until the finish or when everything has been done perfectly according to your needs and preferences. We never leave the job unfinished and if you wish to make adjustments, we comply on the spot. We are the perfect choice for you.

The perfect team

For us, team work is of utmost importance and our team work as one in using the materials and equipment needed to facilitate the concrete polishing and complete it on time with quality to match. The proper use of the equipment at our disposal is critical to the success of our polishing projects and our professionals are skilled at using them to get the best results.


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Polished concrete is perfect for you if you have old concrete as base material. Simply ring us now on email for a free quote and we will polish your cement until you are reflected on its surface.