The benefits of polished concrete accrue first and foremost to users and of course first impressions being the most critical for customers, appeal to the eyes tops the list. At Smarter Flooring we know that a floor that appeals will get noticed first while laggards are relegated to the side lines and this is perfectly understandable. That’s why the sheen of a particular class of polished floor must coincide perfectly with the floor that it covers. A high end retail store attracts high gloss sheen, while a café or bar is given a subdued sheen for obvious reasons – purpose and sheen match.

A closer look at polished concrete benefits

For homeowners, the benefits of polished concrete are very noticeable in 4 main areas. The technique offers considerable cost savings when the slab on grade is used as the final floor surface. Polished concrete floors tout durable qualities being less susceptible to damage than other materials and they don’t need to be replaced. These floors are also simple to clean because they don’t harbour dust, dirt and allergens harmful especially to elderly occupants. Another very enticing benefit is the wide range of colours and designs that can be given polished concrete floors.

Polished concrete facilitates cost savings

Being venues that attract high traffic in feet and shoes, shopping areas are showered with the most benefits simply because the polished concrete floors there are highly resistant to degradation by walking human traffic. Therefore Cost effectiveness is the first attractive benefit of polished concrete due to lower maintenance costs. There is no need to wax the floors of retail stores since the covering finish to polished concrete does not require waxing.  The surface of polished floors very easy to clean and they eliminate the need for messy waxes or coatings and their related labour and costs.

Aesthetic values of polished concrete

One word that can perhaps sum up polished concrete in the best possible way is ‘beautiful’ plus many other tag qualities. The technique gives the floor the appearance of being able to breathe and thus eliminates the entire blocking of the concrete by artificial covers such as tiles that form a separate dead end covering. The surface of polished concrete also imbues the surface with the ability to reflect the interior parts of hotels, restaurants and other public institutions and structures. Polished concreted also does away with hazardous coatings, cleaners and adhesives for the surface.

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