Choosing Your Flooring preference

When you decide to give your home floor a facelift, it’s crucial you have a good idea of the type of flooring you wish to install. At Smarter Flooring we have been involved in applying the best and most decorative floors for many years. We have the professionals, the best of materials and the commitment to transform your floor surface from a drab and mundane looking surface to a brilliant and solid looking surface. More important, we can advise you on the best type of flooring style that will perfectly suit your home. Trust us, we know everything there is to know about flooring.

The miracle of sheen and strength

Man-made techniques are popping up everywhere adding variety and zest to our lives in our homes and one of them is the uncanny ability to add that sheen and strength to home floors using the latest flooring technique called epoxy flooring. What is it? Well, first off, it’s the latest technique used in flooring that produces multiple layers of epoxy applied to a depth of 2 millimetres. The depth of the epoxy resin delineates the difference between a sophisticated epoxy floor and just a simple floor coating that lacks the lustre and opulence of the former.

The range of applications

Being made of resins and hardeners, the epoxy flooring technique can be applied over an extensive range of flooring types. The smooth and seamless finish is totally suited to your garage floor, living room, kitchen both domestic and commercial, play rooms and many other areas that must have an attractive and a very tough surface at the same time. An epoxy floor is strongly resistant to water, chemicals and oil spills on its surface. The seamless surface is highly desirable for domestic and commercial garage and kitchen floors as it will not allow the collection of dirt and other wastes.

The different types of epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring can be classified into 2 main types, the strong and the easy to clean as listed below:

The strong – These can be categorised into two types, the strong and the strongest flooring types. The ‘mortar epoxy floors’ are the strongest of all and are ideal for repairing cracked floors prior to the application of another epoxy floor. ‘Self-dispersing epoxy floors and a similar type that contains quartz sand are the next in line for toughness and are used in premises where traffic and heavy use normally occur.

Easy to clean – while also being very tough and durable, a special quality of this epoxy flooring type is its ability to be cleansed and maintained very easily. It is most suited to premises like kitchens and dining rooms where food and liquid spills commonly occur.

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