There are many offices in downtown Sydney that need a facelift from their sombre mundane appearances to a bright looking sheen. After all, office premises should look the part of being elegant and captivating. And yet many offices are devoid of the most enticing and innovative appeal of epoxy flooring. What is so special about epoxy? It is the latest craze in floor decoration and facelift. It is a drastic departure from the use of tiles and carpets but similar in technique and appearance to concrete floor polishing. At Smarter Flooring we are unbeatable at installing epoxy.

Bright Sheen for Your Office Premises

Epoxy flooring offers office owners a unique style of beatifying the interior of their offices. It is a flooring technique that involves the perfect combination of epoxy resin hardened to perfection by hardening ingredients used only in the installation of epoxy flooring. The finish is hard, extremely durable and beautiful to behold. It is impermeable to water and chemicals and can withstand lots of  weight and harsh treatment from man and machines. Another attractive feature is that its surface can be easily cleaned with a swipe of a cloth or mop leaving the surface with the same sheen.

Installation is a work of art

Installing epoxy flooring is not a simple process as it involves artistic qualities in the installer. It calls for high skills in mixing the epoxy coating that is applied to an existing concrete surface. It’s an intricate process of mixing and laying down the coating at just the right thickness to produce a real epoxy floor and not just a mere coating of epoxy. Smarter Flooring is an expert in the trade.

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