A Rowdy Environment Deserves Strength and Durability

There is no rowdier place than a crowded pub during peak drinking time immediately after a game of footy, rugby or a day at the horse racing track. This is very true of Sydney pubs and those in surrounding areas. Literally hundreds of shoes criss-cross the floor from table to the bar, putting lots of pressure on the concrete beneath. These floors need added strength and epoxy flooring is the best option that we at Smarter Flooring can install with unbeatable skill and workmanship. We have the skills and expertise garnered over many years of work.

Epoxy is no match for carpets or tiles

One very special quality of epoxy flooring is its seamless surface, meaning that nothing can penetrate its in-depth structure. The surface is very hard and durable and very easy to clean. Its surface can be rendered slip resistant and it always wears a unique sheen. Having carpets or even tiles covering the floor of your pub will involve your staff in tiring and tedious work that doesn’t always work in ridding the odours of stale beer and cigarettes. Epoxy flooring is no match for carpeted or tiled floors that let everything soak in over time.

The reasons why we excel

We install the best epoxy flooring simply because we have the experience and skills gained over many years of practical work. Our professional experts are the best in the business who know everything there is to know about installing the best epoxy flooring. Our range of equipment has no equal while the materials we use are the best on the market. We simply are the best in the business.

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