A Place for a Horde of Clattering Feet

A school is perhaps one of the busiest environments found in any city like Sydney. Thousands of feet pairs not only traverse the school grounds every day, they also clatter in all the classrooms and the hallways. They usually radiate inwards and congregate at the locker areas and radiate outwards to the classrooms or for the journey home. Such pressure warrants the presence of strong, durable flooring, flooring that will not smudge, tint or suffer from the falls, shoe slides, drops and spills of books, backpacks, food or drink.

A floor solution to the problem

The sturdiest, toughest and most durable flooring technique is needed to address this kind of problem and there is nothing better than epoxy flooring. It is tough and durable and adds another attraction to its toughness by wearing a glimmering surface. The sheen is the result of the exact blending of epoxy resin and related hardeners that produce an extremely strong and shiny surface. It can withstand great pressure and constant use by many feet, scratches, falls and spills. It is the best solution to a dynamic environment.

We are the expert installers

As installer of epoxy flooring over many years, we have the experience and skills you need for expediting the installation of epoxy flooring in your school. We have the qualified staff, the right kind of materials and the equipment needed to do the job properly, quickly and efficiently. You will find no other more reliable and efficient installer than Smarter Flooring.

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