Even the Tiny Workshop Needs a Facelift

Many house owners find it essential to have a workshop built somewhere on their property where they can perform odd jobs for the home. Here will be found some of the sharpest and most harmful equipment around the house so safety and security are paramount. At Smarter Flooring our priority in such situations is that the floor surface must not be slippery. Care must be taken to inspect and secure hanging implements like saws, machetes, large hedge trimmers, hammer, axe, shovels, picks, wheel barrow and so on. All must be safe and secure.

It looks slippery but isn’t

As experts in installing the best epoxy flooring in and around the Sydney city area, our workmanship has gone unchallenged for years. The materials that we use take care of any slippery issues that emerge. Our professionals are skilled at applying a slip-resistant material in the “glossy” coat. This is a clear material that is unseen by the naked eye and is totally effective. Of course you need to take care if the floor is flooded with water but otherwise, the non-resistant material will do its work.

The rest is standard work

For the remaining work, the materials that we use and the equipment employed are the latest and most updated. We develop a one of a kind mixture of resin and hardener plus other ingredients to produce the most lasting epoxy flooring surface. Our professionals are also adept at maintaining and repairing your epoxy floor whenever the need arises.

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