Protect and seal your concrete floor. Lengthens the life, additional protective resin, clear, non-slippery and extremely polished finish.

Single Colour Epoxy Flooring

25m2 Industrial / Commercial type Epoxy = from 1500 ($60/m2)
50m2 Industrial / Commercial type Epoxy = from 1900 ($38/m2)

Prices Only from $26.00 / m2 for very large areas (over 200m2)


Designer / Flake Type Epoxy Flooring

25m2 Designer (Flake) Type Epoxy = from 1800 ($72/m2)
50m2 Designer (Flake) type Epoxy = from 2500 ($50/m2)
100m2 Designer (Flake) type Epoxy = from 3900 ($38/m2)

Designer / Flake type epoxy floorin

Designer / Flake type epoxy floorin

Some things which impact the cost of epoxy flooring:

  • Size of the Floor – Typically, the larger the floor area, the lower the cost per square foot for installation due to the economies of scale.
  • Material Requirements – Using multiple colors of stain or dye on your floor or a specialty epoxy or metallic coating will not only increase your material costs, but also the labor costs for installation.
  • Design Complexity – The more complex your project, the greater the costs for both materials and labour.
  • Current Condition of the Floor – Existing concrete floors that require a lot of patching or surface preparation will boost your total installation cost because these flaws will need to be repaired before the final decorative finish can be applied.
  • Moisture-Vapor Transmission – Some floors have a high level of moisture-vapor transmission that will need to be remedied before most decorative coatings, overlays or sealers can be applied.