There is no other more excellent way of protecting and sealing concrete floor than utilizing epoxy resin upon a floor surface. The technique does not only protect the surface, it also gives the floor, a reflective sheen of its own due to the clear appearance of the resin. It is typically used to protect and bring out the best in marble and terrazzo surfaces.



Only recently, demand for epoxy covered floor surfaces in homes, offices and even industrial and commercial premises has skyrocketed and Smarter Flooring is right there in the thick of it.   If you desire a polished look or a coloured aggregate added to the exterior of you floor, this is the technique to opt for. Like polished concrete, the sealed surface of an epoxy treated floor attracts very little dust and discourages the accumulation of allergens. This makes the technique a perfect for people who are allergic to dust and even asthma. More interesting even is the rising popularity of the technique because the finished surface is very easy to clean. This a definite plus for  a host of home owners and if you are one of them, why wait? Contact us now.

Commerce and Industry

Do you own industrial buildings with dilapidated floors? This epoxy technique is the cheapest, toughest, shiniest way to renew the floors of your buildings. It is hard-wearing and highly durable; it is very easy to clean and where greasy messes and stains are an everyday occurrence, epoxy flooring is the most effective panacea. Do you own commercial buildings like a shopping centre or mall? Epoxy flooring is the just the right technique for bringing out the shine to you floor and don’t worry about the shoe and boot stains of thousands of visitors. They can all be wiped away in an instant. Don’t wait! Just contact us and we will tell you all about how it is done.


Many people nowadays are going into the retail trade, some small some huge. Whatever the scale of operations, they all have floors and glittering, sturdy and easy to clean floors are always a treat for the eyes and mind. People will look and think “What a fantastic finish!” And that is exactly the reaction that epoxy flooring generates. The technique is used in by extremely wide range of entrepreneurs from shopping centres, restaurants, malls and supermarkets. You can also find epoxy flooring in airport arrival and departure lounges and even in garages. Wherever there are high class floors, you will find epoxy and wherever you find epoxy flooring, you will also find Smarter Flooring. We are the connoisseurs of the epoxy flooring trade. Need more convincing? Well then, just contact us!


It is very unusual for people to hesitate when a commodity of exceptionally high quality is in the offing.  Epoxy flooring is that type of commodity and hesitation is just not the right word to act upon. Instead, pick up the phone and contact us at   email.