The meaning of the word ‘exquisite’ connotes workmanship of beauty, excellence, sensitivity, discriminating and intensity. In short it implies a status of superb achievement, and concrete resurfacing is an art that does achieve just that. At Smarter Flooring, we know this because we have achieved a level of excellence in this field that is very difficult to improve on.

An acceptable surface

The process of resurfacing concrete covers several stages but the most important is preparing the surface for resurfacing. The prerequisite for this is an acceptable surface to work on. This surface must be free from all damages, irregularities and weaknesses which only an expert can identify. The main ones include:

  • a surface with large cracks cannot be resurfaced.
  • The base concrete slab must be physically sound.
  • Heaving concrete due to the movements of the underlying soil must not be present.
  • The concrete slab must not be damaged from severe cracks
  • The slab must not succumb to the destabilizing, alternating effects of freeze and thaw.

Surface preparation   

A satisfied contractor will then proceed with the actual preparation of the surface earmarked for resurfacing:

  • The surface is thoroughly cleansed by power washing. This is usually done by using blasts of pressurized air emitted from a hose.
  • This is followed by repairing the major cracks strewn all over the concrete slab. The cracks are filled with elastomeric basecoat over the cracked surface.
  • The cracks are treated by the application of a patch of polymer concrete which is applied with a sweeps of a wide and heavy broom-like appliance.
  • Every hole is filled with epoxy mortar to erase the existing cavity and is then thoroughly smoothed over so it conforms with the surface of surrounding concrete,
  • Once the whole concrete surface has been repaired, the application of the prime coat and granule broadcast to the surface of the repaired concrete surface commences.
  • Next comes the texture coating. This involves the application of polymer concrete with equipment called the hopper gun. This is the texture coating.
  • After the polymer application, a trowel is then used to further smooth the surface which has already been sprayed with polymer concrete.
  • The colour coating comes next that involves the application of the desired colour to the surface. For this purpose, a coating called Colourcoat 100 is used.
  • The last step is the adding of the final touches to the restructured surface. This involves the application of the Sealcoat 1000, a clear substance which seals and protects the surface from the elements and users.


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At a glance, all these steps appear as simple tasks that can be easily accomplished. However, each step is an intricate operation in itself that requires a host of skills and experience. We have both professional and experienced personnel who can resurface your driveway to your specifications. Ring us now on email and we will attend to your needs.