The Protection and Shine of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a proven method of protecting and adding a shine to any floor surface and at Smarter Flooring, we are experts of the trade. As professional epoxy floor appliers we’ve had the good fortune of working with many customers and have satisfied them all with the quality of workmanship we deliver. Wherever there is constant heavy usage of floor space, say in an industrial or warehouse complex, our skills make sure that the floors of these premises are not only well protected with our epoxy flooring techniques but they also shine!

Strength and lustre

Adding strength and lustre to the floors of premises is a task worthy of doing well so the floor of an industrial building is safeguarded from the heavy use of its floor area. Many heavy wear and vehicular movements from safety boots to truck tyres and lifting equipment such as forklifts crisscross the floor space of industrial building. Epoxy resin is the perfect material for applying to the surface of concrete floors as it does not only protect the floor surface but also gives the floor a reflective sheen to the whole floor.

Applying epoxy in the home

Demand for applying epoxy flooring to the floors of homes, offices and industrial premises has recently escalated and Smarter Flooring is right up there keeping abreast of the continuous flow of job calls. There are many options as to the type of finish to the surface of your floor but the most popular has been the adding of aggregate with the mix of resin and hardeners so your floor is given and a special surface treat. Another feature of an epoxy floor is its resistance to the accumulation of dust and allergens and protects house residents who are allergic to dust and asthma.

Use in commerce and industry

The constant heavy thuds and grinding motion of wheels usually reduces the surface of many commercial and industrial buildings to become dilapidated and unfit for use. But never fear, the epoxy floor is the perfect way for rejuvenating and renewing the surface of your floor. It is extremely tough, hard and therefore durable. It is the perfect panacea for your ills and that of you company that produces an extremely strong floor surface and a shine to go with it. The surface is so tough it can withstand a colossal number of shoe and boot stains that can be wiped away in an instant.

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No other flooring technique can compare with epoxy flooring and if you are really serious about having an epoxy floor applied in your home or business premises, just ring us on email for a free quote and we’ll have our experts working on your project very quickly.