Reasons Why Customers Choose Epoxy Flooring

Demand for a particular product is fuelled by a variety of different reasons but whatever they are, they all boil down to one common denominator – customer preference. You may have the most enticing, most elegant or most beautiful wedding dress in your shop but if a customer prefers another dress in another shop, you lose! The same applies to epoxy flooring and like the wedding dress many factors can combine to make epoxy flooring particularly attractive to customers. At Smarter Flooring we know of these major factors

A highly attractive surface finish

Many people seldom have the chance of personally viewing a really exceptional epoxy floor and as such, many are denied the opportunity of experiencing this fine product. The sheer smoothness and seamless surface that our professionals create on top of an ordinary concrete floor is a wonder. The surface of a finished epoxy floor literally shines in the light and more often than not will reflect the silhouette of the surrounding interior walls and even the ceiling of a building. It doesn’t matter whether it is the interior of a factory, office or home; and epoxy floor shimmers with verve.

The difference between an epoxy floor and epoxy floor coating

The beauty of an epoxy floor lies in its ability to be constructed in any type of premise on any concrete surface either old or new that have been subjected to a high degree of cleansing and sanding by motorized equipment. It can be applied in different layers up to 2 millimetres thick to provide a typical epoxy floor. Anything less cannot be regarded as epoxy flooring but will be given a second rating of simply being an epoxy floor coating. The difference lies in the thickness of the epoxy application and our professionals know exactly how produce a first class epoxy floor.

A myriad of styles and applications

People also tend to favour epoxy flooring because it can be used in a variety of configurations such as special tinting, multi-colour flakes and a glittering look can be added to a floor’s total appearance. Despite their very strong quality, an epoxy floor can be updated easily by simply applying a coating of epoxy over the existing floor to match your ever changing taste. To cap it all off, epoxy flooring can be installed in many places like on the garage floor, living room, all kitchen types, gyms, restaurants, laundries, playrooms, shopping centres to name only a few.

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