The Beauty of Floor Painting

At, floor painting is also our specialty. It’s true that working with paint can be a messy business and that’s why we invite you to seek our assistance, whether it be coaching or actually doing the job itself. Either way, we are equally capable of performing. The move you choose to take may well mean elevating your home from a traditional setting to one of utter fascination.

Low investment

We can confidently assure you that for a small investment, you can immensely improve the look of your home. You will be presented with a totally new picture of your home which will not only uplift your spirit but also your attitude towards people living in your home. And who knows, perhaps next time you invite your boss to dinner he would be so impressed he or she might even give you a raise. Anything good can happen from a home face-lift. To save the trouble of thinking about it, we offer to do the job for you at very reasonable rates. That way you won’t have to don your painting apparels and clean the paint off you after the job is done. Let us do the dirty work. All you have to do is watch and feast your eyes on the finished product.


We are professionals at and we always endeavour to perform as such. With floor painting we:

  • Offer the very best in diligence and work quality and in doing so we strive to promote client confidence.
  • View your budget as our concern and our limit and we always tailor our work so that it falls within your budget but at the same time we strive to achieve excellent work quality.
  • Seek a 100% satisfaction rate so that our clients are totally satisfied with the appearance of their homes
  • Strive to provide top quality service, excellent craftsmanship and top value.
  • Offer special services to cater for special occasions, minor repairs and damages or add a favourite colour to your home.
  • Always strive to provide a dependable, efficient and cost effective service.


Working criteria

At the very outset:

  • We will highly respect your home on the understanding that it is your investment and for this reason we will take all necessary precautions to protect your furniture and belongings in your home before we even start the painting task.
  • We will choose and work only with high quality hard-wearing paints that are most suited to the structure of your home.
  • We do not limit ourselves to the interior part of the home only. We also paint tiles, paint and stamp floors, paint garage floors, basement floors and many more.

Contact us

If you need to have your floors painted with professional skill, call us on 02 8006 9883. Floor painting is our trade!

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