Using paint to renovate a home has been with us for millennia but the technique is normally applied to both the interior and exterior parts of a home. However, At Smarter Flooring, we know that people are now turning their focus on painting the floors and even the surfaces of their stairways. It is a growing trend and we intend to get involved.

Choosing the right paint                   

We are experts at choosing the right paint colour for you that will mean the difference between success and dismal failure. The choice of paint colours may mean a totally new and fresh look to the rooms of your home that blends in with everything else or a haphazard hotchpotch of colours that will create a drab, sombre, gloomy and asymmetrical canvass to look at.  If your target is to achieve the former, you definitely need expert advice and we can give it. There’s an array of colours available for painting concrete and wooden floors that can give different types of finishes from a high gloss to a flat finish. You choose and we will provide.

The garage                                                        

Do you want a durable, water resistant garage floor? If so, the correct paint to use is the epoxy-based floor paint. The reason is simple. The epoxy based floor paint is resistant to the effects of the weather. It resists the effects of rain and snow because it contains a hardener. Once the water and hardener combine, they form a dry solid surface which is difficult to turn back to its original liquid form. Traditional paints are not as durable. If, for example, a solvent spills on a surface painted with traditional paint, the paint can turn back into its liquid form. We know. We’ve experimented on it.



The paint is versatile; it is resilient, impervious to water, durable and easy to clean. It is a paint that is also used for painting the floors of patios. Though used on the patio floor outside the main part of the house, a colour can be chosen that will blend in with the colouring and pattern used on the main floor of the house. If you desire a first class surface for your patio, the type of paint to choose is the epoxy based floor paint.  If you need expert assistance in applying the epoxy based paint to your patio floor you can contact us and we will do all the work in line with your budget.



We are experts at preparing surfaces before the application of the epoxy based paint and the following are only a few of them:

  • Cracked or chipped parts of the concrete floor must be filled.
  • Painting will not solve the problem of a crumbling floor surface. These will have to be removed.
  • All irregular surfaces must be filled and smoothed out before the application of the epoxy based paint.
  • All latent materials that cause dust must be removed from freshly poured concrete.

Contact us

Even with all these precautionary measures, it is absolutely essential to follow expert advice before during and after installing the epoxy based paint, so that a long lasting surface is put in place. Who besides Smarter Flooring can offer such advice? None! So call us now on email.